Rent a helicopter for your company trip

You want to do something extra for your employees? A helicopter flight gives your company trip an extra dimension. If you use the helicopter for transport between activities, or as a separate activity, for example to fly above your company; these kind of flights will not be forgotten soon.

Transport between separate activities

Heli-Jet can plan the flights so accurate, you can use the helicopter for transport between separate locations with different activities. A helicopter is fairly flexibel when it comes to places where you can take-off and land. This way, you always stay close to the locations of the activities. We can use helicopters with large and small capacities, so depending on the amount of employees, we can choose one or multiple helicopters to suit your needs.

Flight above your company

Have you ever seen your company from the sky? From the sky, everything looks different. If you let your employees enjoy a flight above the company and his surroundings, they will not forget this soon.


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