Rent a helicopter for festival- and DJ flights

Organizing a festival is a big job, with lots of different infrastructure issues. A helicopter might help. With the use of a helicopter, Heli-Jet can take care of that part of the necessary infrastructure. You can use a helicopter for transport of DJ’s or other acts, making aerial photos or videos and making promotional flights.

Transport of DJ’s and other acts

The festival season is a busy time for DJ’s and acts. They can’t be at more then one location at the same time. With the use of a helicopter, these acts have a bit more time in their schedule. There is a possibility to combine helicopter flights with private jet flights to accommodate international transport.

Take photo and video shots from the sky

From the sky, you can see things in a different perspective. Like how well visited the festival is for example. If you want to capture this, you can take photos and/or videos from the sky with the help of a helicopter. It’s also possible to use an octocopter wich can be radiographical controlled. Check the options for aerial photography and videography with an octocopter here.


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