Private jet for events

Organising an event is a tough job. There are loads of different aspects that can make or break your event. And all should be organized well. If you need a private jet in any aspect of your event, we can make your job a little easier. We will organise everything around the private jet perfectly. This way, you will have more time to concentrate on your event.

Transportation of acts and artists

Do you have any artists or acts booked for your event that needs to be transported to the event location? Your acts deserve the right care. We can execute this transportation perfectly, including a taxi from the airport. This way, you can book acts that were not available before, due to a tight schedule. A private jet saves so much time, there is a lot more time available in both of your schedules.

Transportation of VIP guests

Do you have any special guests invited for this event that would like to visit with a private jet? Please contact us, and we will make it happen.

Visit an event abroad with a private jet

Do you want to visit an event abroad, but don’t want all the disadvantages from a regular flight? Book a private jet at Heli-Jet. We will organise a flight that does not tire you out, even before the event has started.

Fictieve Price indication

Charter your own private jet for:

Business trip

Luxurious catering

Direct flight

Choice of airfield

Flexible and tailored to your wishes

Does any of our services interest you? Please contact Heli-Jet for a price indication or discuss your specific needs.

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